School of Human and Social Sciences

Health Psychology and Applied Diagnostics

Welcome to the website of the Department of Health Psychology and Applied Diagnostics

The Department of Health Psychology and Applied Diagnostics (Prof. Dr. Theda Radtke) is concerned with the investigation of psychological questions in the context of human health and the impartation of competencies in psychological diagnostics.

Our research focuses on theory and evidence based improvement of health employing modern technologies as well as the examination of protective and risk factors underlying health behaviors (e.g., compensatory health beliefs). In this context, the investigation of individual self-regulation strategies is just as important as the exploration of social exchange processes. Applied research methods include diary and intervention studies in everyday contexts as well as analyses of dyads (e.g., friendships) integrating subjective self-report measures and objective data derived from advanced technologies (e.g., accelerometers, mobile tracking applications).

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